Germany: Advanced Tools and Methods
This advanced methods course is designed for genealogists with basic church book experience who are ready to develop advanced skills. In addition to 25 hours class hours, each student will consult one on one with an instructor.
German language skills are not required.
Coordinator: F. Warren Bittner, CG
            F. Warren Bittner, CG
            Baerbel Johnson, AG
            Roger Minert, Ph.D., AG
            Marek Koblanski
            Daniel Jones, AG
            Heidi Sugden
  • Historical Overview of Germany (Warren Bittner)
  • Social Levels and Occupations (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Maps and Territories (Warren Bittner)
  • Gazetteers and Levels of Jurisdiction (Warren Bittner)
  • Tools for Finding Places (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Strategies for Linking People with Places (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Difficult Immigrant Examples (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Elusive Immigrant: Case Study (Warren Bittner)
  • Overview of German Internet Sources (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Online Village Family Books (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Church Resources Online (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Advanced Online Sources (Baerbel Johnson)
  • Marriage Laws and Customs (Warren Bittner)
  • Reading for Historical Context (Warren Bittner)
  • Complex Evidence: the Case of Balthesar Weber (Daniel Jones)
  • Farm Name Use in Northwest Germany (Roger Minert)
  • Austrian Internet Research (Heidi Sugden)
  • Tools and Methods for Austrian Research (Heidi Sugden)
  • German Research in Areas Now in Poland (Marek Koblanski)
  • Onsite Research in German Archives (Warren Bittner)