A Genealogist's Guide to the Internet Galaxy
As you work through your genealogy research projects, do you sometimes have trouble navigating the Internet highway? Perhaps you don’t know how to start your journey or the best route to take? What about the tools you need for your online research trip? Confused as to what works best and what should be avoided? And how about keeping up with all the new technologies that can improve your research and propel you into the next orbit?  You’ll learn not just what sites and applications work best, but how to get the most out of your time online.
A basic understanding of computer usage including desktop and laptop as well as how to connect to the Internet. Class will include wireless access and power supply connection (if possible) for devices so students can replicate online what is covered in each session.
Coordinator: Thomas MacEntee
            Thomas MacEntee
            Michael Hait, CG
            Kimberly Powell
            Pamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL and Richard G. Sayre, CG
            Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FUGA, FMGS
            D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS
  • An Introduction To Genealogy Blogs (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Clustering and More: Maximizing Your Online Searches (D. Joshua Taylor)
  • Creating an Online Family History Workspace (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Evernote for Genealogists (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Facebook for Genealogists (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Google Earth (Richard G. Sayre and Pamela Boyer Sayre)
  • Google Tools for Genealogists (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Managing Your Research Using Google Docs (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Lineage Organizations Online: Resources for Non-Members, Too (Paula Stuart-Warren)
  • Mobile Apps for Genealogists (Kimberly Powell)
  • Online Collaboration with Other Researchers (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Online Newspaper Research (Kimberly Powell)
  • Online Federal Records (Michael Hait)
  • Online State Resources for Genealogy: Beyond Ancestry and FamilySearch (Michael Hait)
  • Sources for Family History Books Online (Kimberly Powell)
  • Staying Safe Online (Thomas MacEntee)
  • They're Alive - Searching for Living Persons (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Tips for Finding Stubborn Ancestors in Genealogy Databases (Kimberly Powell)
  • Twitter - It's Not Just What's for Breakfast Anymore (Thomas MacEntee)
  • Utilizing Social Networks for Genealogy Research (Thomas MacEntee)