Settlers in the New World and Immigrants to a New Nation: Researcing Ancestors from Overseas
Monday The Peopling of America: Historical Overview and General Concepts  
8:30 — 9:45 am Course Introduction; The Ebb and Flow of Immigration to America: 1590s–1880s Colletta
10:15 — 11:30 am The Ebb and Flow of Immigration to America: 1880s–1930s Colletta
1:00 — 2:15 pm Finding the Town of Origin Overseas Colletta
2:45 — 4:00 pm Researching Colonial Settlers: Challenges and Strategies Taylor
Tuesday Leaving Home, Crossing an Ocean, and Settling Down  
8:30 — 9:45 am The Voyage - Colonial Period Taylor
10:15 — 11:30 am Places of Settlement in America - Colonial Period Taylor
1:00 — 2:15 pm The Voyage - Federal Period Colletta
2:45 — 4:00 pm Ellis Island, Myth vs. Reality: Its Place within the Larger Panoply of U.S. Immigration Laws and Procedures Colletta
Wednesday Putting Down Roots and Embracing New Ways  
8:30 — 9:45 am The Erie Canal and the Peopling of Western New York and the American Midwest Colletta
10:15 — 11:30 am Becoming American: Naturalization Laws, Procedures, Records Colletta
1:00 — 2:15 pm Some Key Federal, State and Local Sources for Immigrant Research Colletta
2:45 — 4:00 pm Some Key Sources for Researching Colonial Settlers Taylor
Thursday Every Immigrant is an Individual with His or Her Own Story  
8:30 — 9:45 am The West Indies and the Triangle Trade: Its Impact on Colonial Immigration Taylor
10:15 — 11:30 am Reverse Migration: Colonial Settles Who Returned "Home" Taylor
1:00 — 2:15 pm Seventeen Repositories, One Life: Uncovering the Story of One Prussian Immigrant of 1848 Colletta
2:45 — 4:00 pm Vaya con Dios: Hispanic Immigration to North America Gurtler
Friday Reconstructing and Telling the Unique Saga of Each Newcomer to America  
8:30 — 9:45 am Narrating the Story Colletta
10:15 — 11:30 am Researching Colonial Immigrants in the Twenty-First Century Taylor
1:00 — 2:15 pm Pulling all the Facts Together: Three Sample Immigration Stories Colletta
2:45 — 4:00 pm Preparing for Successful Research in European Records Colletta