Technology Day Proposals

Submissions for proposals are being accepted for workshops and classes to be held at SLIG's 2018 Technology Day, Saturday, 20 January 2018.
Formats include:
  • 3.5 hour workshop
    • workshops will be placed in a room with electrical wiring and internet available for each student
    • students to provide their own laptop or other equipment required
    • instructor to provide access permission to any subscription software to be used 
  • 1.5 hour class
    • classes may include hands-on elements or be primarily demonstration or lecture based, but must focus on or demonstrate the successful use of technology
    • classes will be placed in a room without electrical wiring for students; a limited number of charging stations will be available in the hallway for use between sesions if needed; internet will be available
Topics - may include, but are not limited to:
  • DNA analysis*:  presentation material must be significantly different than what is offered in Course 13**
  • Organization and analysis: use of spreadsheets*, Evernote*, Evidentia, timelines, mind maps
  • Searching and Connecting:  Social Media for genealogy, Google and other search engines, using Digital finding aids*
  • Writing: Scivener* or other writing products, write as you go, website design
  • Google: Google earth, Google images, Google Books
  • Archiving and preserving*, digital file management*
  • Time management: Trello, Basecamp
*topic scored high in recent survey
**if you feel there may be overlap, please submit a short inquiry first
Please submit the following to
  • Presentation Title
  • Type: 3.5 hr. workshop or 1.5 hr class
  • Description
  • Special considerations or limitations, if any
  • Proposals will be accepted through Wednesday, September 13th.
  • Final decision will be made no later than Saturday, September 16th.
  • Handouts will be due Friday, January 5th.
Questions:, or 801-515-6644