UGA presently offers three premier institute programs:
  • Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG)
    • SLIG continues to be held annually in January. It opens with a welcome reception on Sunday and closes with a completion banquet on Friday. The program emphasizes high-intermediate to advanced genealogical education; each course includes 25 or more hours of instruction.
  • SLIG Academy for Professionals (new in 2019)
    • This new program focuses on professional development topics not offered at SLIG or elsewhere in a week-long, in-depth format.
    • It will open with a special event to commemorate the life and legacy of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., and close with a networking luncheon; each course offers over 20 hours of instruction.
  • SLIG Virtual Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum
    • This very popular program is offered annually in the fall, giving researchers the change to test their mettle against five case studies, one each week. Participants meet virtually.
Additionally, SLIG hosts the following:
  • SLIG Extended
    • Beginning in 2019, SLIG participants will have the option of staying an additional week for guided research and consultation.
  • SLIG Tech Day
    • This full day of workshops and classes provides an opportunity to advance your genealogy-related technical skills. Beginning in 2019, it will be held on the Saturday between SLIG and SLIG Academy. 
  • SLIG Colloquium
    • This annual event is an invitational forum for thought leaders of the industry to discuss topics and challenges of the day. It will continue to be held on the Saturday following SLIG.