New SLIG Registration System


Effective June 2018

With multiple programs for which to register, it would seem logical that participants would want to see all of their related information in one place. To facilitate that, we are working with a third-party to customize the SLIG registration experience. Beginning in June 2018, registration for all SLIG programs, including the fall Virtual offerings, will be facilitated using this new system.

While this should enhance your registration experience and that of our registration team, it will have a different look and feel than you have experienced if you attended SLIG in the past few years. We wish to help you be prepared for this new experience.


  • Registration for all SLIG programs will be hosted in one place. If you register for the fall virtual practicum and then later for SLIG or SLIG Academy you will be able to access all of this information and update your contact information from one convenient location.
  • Although built and hosted by a third-party, access will be from the SLIG menu, via a SLIG URL. This should assure you that you are in the right place throughout the experience.
  • You will be required to create a SLIG registration account. This may be done prior to the opening of registration to facilitate ease of check-out. This won't be available until early June.
  • UGA members will be required to use the same email address that they use for their UGA membership account in order to receive UGA member tuition discounts. If you need to update your UGA membership email, you should do so prior to creating your SLIG registration account.
  • While we still wish to help you grab your course and check out as quickly as possible, we have found it necessary to require some additional information, including some check boxes indicating agreement with current policies. These will be published no later than one month prior to the opening of registration; we would encourage you to read them online before registering to facilitate speedy check-out.

We will provide additional details closer to the opening of registration, on this website, via our blog, through SLIG e-news, and through a UGA member blast. Please watch for and read the instructions thoroughly to avoid technical concerns on the day of registration. We hope you enjoy this new experience.