SLIG Policies


Registration Account

In order to register for any SLIG program, course, or event (including addition to a waiting list), you will be required to acknowledge that you agree to these policies at the time you set up a “SLIG Registration Account.”

This account is separate from any other UGA account you may have (membership, special interest groups, mailing lists, etc.) and will only be used for program registration and course management; lodging reservations are processed separately.

You may set up this account any time prior to registering; only one account is required to register for all SLIG programs in the upcoming year. You must use the email address connected to your UGA membership account in order to receive UGA member discounts.

You may access this account at any time to update your information and review or modify program selections or contact information.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Please read our policies carefully, because they affect your right to fully participate in SLIG programs, courses, or events. Moreover, during the registration process, participants will be required to provide written agreement to abide by this policy. To that end, we outline the following:

Respect: SLIG serves, contracts with, and interacts with a diverse community, and it has always been our policy to provide a learning environment that is free of conflict, intimidation, and discrimination. All who participate in SLIG—including students, faculty, committee members, and vendors—must be treated with dignity and respect. SLIG is taking the step of delineating this policy in writing, because even a single, isolated occurrence is unacceptable.

SLIG will not tolerate discrimination or disrespect of any kind on the basis of economic status, sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, illness or ability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, religion, creed, and political affiliation or opinion. All are encouraged to use these same guidelines to temper the right to freedom of expression with common sense and courtesy.

SLIG is committed to fostering a neutral, academic environment in which students can learn and grow. Therefore comments and actions that contravene the SLIG anti-discrimination policy should be reported to the office of the Director, and will be addressed. The penalty for a violation could include dismissal from an event or program, as well as forfeiture of unused tuition if appropriate.

Copyright: All course-related materials, including the syllabus, handouts, and presentation slides, are protected by copyright. Presentations should not be recorded nor slides photographed. Course materials are distributed for your personal use and are not to be shared or copied without written permission of the author. A photograph of the presenter with a title slide may be appropriate for social media posts, but should only be taken with the express consent of the presenter.

Electronic Courtesy: It is important to avoid disruption caused by the use of electronic devices in public settings. Sound on laptops and other personal devices used for note-taking or labs should be muted. Phones and pagers should be set to vibrate or off. Committee members and room monitors who use electronics for logistical facilitation and communication should re-direct sound to an earpiece if audible notification is required to ensure prompt service. Anyone who needs to place or receive a call should do so outside the room.

Publication Consent: Participation in any of the door prize drawings, contests, social media posts, or scholarship applications implies consent to publication of your name, city/state, and photograph in related promotional announcements. The privacy policy outlined below delineates your rights to control your information as it relates to other publications or events.

Social Media: SLIG encourages the use of blogs and social media to share your experiences. A list of authorized hashtags will be provided with syllabus materials. Again, please exercise common courtesy and respect, including but not limited to—giving credit where due, requesting permission when needed, adhering to copyright law and usage guidelines, and citing or linking to sources.

Attendance at Functions: Tuition covers the costs of educational and other services for each registered student. Guests are not permitted to attend classes under any circumstances. Guest tickets must be purchased for participation in other functions unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell your data. We will not provide your data to any outside party without your specific acknowledgement and consent. You have the right to manage the information stored in the SLIG registration or lodging reservation systems at any time.

The Utah Genealogical Association (UGA) privacy policy may be found here. The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), an entity of UGA, abides by the policy referenced above. Additionally, due to the nature of our programs and the necessity to obtain separate registration and lodging reservation data, we clarify the following.

SLIG Registration Account: The information stored in this account will include your personal contact details such as name, badge and certificate name, address, email, and phone. Additionally, it will store information about the programs for which you register, along with related selections, special requests, and transactions. No credit card information is stored; all transactions are facilitated through PayPal or Square; participants may also mail in a check.

In order to facilitate management and processing, your account and program registration information may be accessed by the SLIG registration team, SLIG director, UGA Administrator, and registration program developer. Other use of your information is outlined below.

Registration for any SLIG program implies the following permissions are granted:

  • To contact you as needed concerning your registration, the course, and the related events or options for which you are registered.
  • To provide your name, email address, city/state/country, and phone number if necessary, to the course coordinator for course management, and to individuals or entities responsible for responding to special requests.
  • To include your name, email address, and city/state/country on a printed or digital list of students in the course for which you are registered; last minute course movement may result in being included in more than one list.
  • If special services are requested, to provide information to committee members, facility, and suppliers as needed to support those requests.

Programs – Opt-in permission will be required to:

  • Be included on a list of all program participants, or in any app used for networking or course facilitation purposes.
  • Receive invitations from organizations hosting events related to the SLIG program for which you have registered (see “Official and Unofficial Events”).

SLIG e-news:

  • You must opt-in to have your name and email included in the SLIG e-news mailing list.
  • If your name was previously included on this list as the result of prior attendance or other inclusion, you may opt-out by following the instructions provided both in account set-up and at the bottom of all email newsletters.

SLIG Lodging Reservation System:

  • The SLIG lodging module collects contact information, special requests, and lodging information. It is not directly linked to the UGA membership module or SLIG Registration module. Your data must be entered and will be stored separately.
  • Lodging data will only be provided to the hotel for which you reserve lodging. It may also be accessed by the SLIG registration team, hospitality committee, director, the UGA administrator, and the webmaster as required for the proper management of the system.

General Photography: SLIG reserves the right to photograph participants in the classroom and at events for promotional purposes, and to publish said photographs in any format - digital or print - during or following the program without payment of compensation. Also, in a program of this size your image may be inadvertently included in photos and social media posts by other participants. It is your responsibility to notify the photographer if you do not wish to be included.

Official and Unofficial Events

SLIG offers many opportunities for networking, learning, and researching. As such, we frequently offer special events such as a plenary session, banquet, or “SLIG Night at the FHL.” We additionally receive many requests to host functions for our participants, such as receptions or research open houses.

While SLIG encourages this interaction, we are not able to provide logistical support for each of these opportunities. Instead, such events will be supported directly by the host organizations and invited participants.

When permission has been granted, SLIG will provide participant contact information (name, email address, and city/state) to the approved hosting organizations. Participants may grant permission using the “opt-in” box on the registration form. Permission may be changed at any time by contacting SLIG in writing ( SLIG is not responsible for retracting information given prior to a change in permission status.

Cancellation Policy

SLIG cancellation policies are intended to protect the integrity of the programs and meet all financial commitments. We acknowledge that last minute changes may occur due to illness or accident and encourage participants to consider purchasing travel insurance (to include the cost of tuition and lodging) if they feel they might be at risk of cancelling after the cancellation deadline or after arrival.

  • SLIG and SLIG Academy: Cancellations received by 11:59 pm Mountain Time, November 30, 2018, will receive a refund less a $75 administrative fee. Where cancellation in one program is pursuant to registration in another, the administrative fee may be reduced to $25. No refunds or program change credits will be issued for cancellations received after November 30, 2018; registrants will receive a printed syllabus by mail.
  • SLIG Virtual programs: Cancellations received 30 days prior to the first meeting day of the event, 11:59 pm Mountain time, will receive a refund less a $50 administrative fee. After that date, registrants will receive an electronic syllabus by mail, but no refund will be issued.
  • SLIG Tech Day: Cancellations received prior to December 20, 2018, will receive a refund less a $15 administrative fee. Thereafter, a copy of the handout will be provided digitally, but no refund given.
  • Tours: Cancellations received prior to November 1, 2018, will receive a refund less a $15 administrative fee. Thereafter, guarantees have been placed with the tour company and no refund is available. Substitutions are allowed and may be made through the registrar.
  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing (
  • No exceptions can be made for late cancellation or early departure.
  • Fees paid are not transferrable.

Acknowledgement of this policy, and agreement to abide by it, will be required in order to register for any program.