Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021

  Getting Started with Genealogy Research
10:00 am Getting Started
Crista Cowan
1:00 pm Introduction to Records
Katherine R. Willson
2:30 pm Locality Survey
Jana K. Greenhalgh, AG
4:00 pm Research Basics
Katherine R. Willson
5:30 pm Online Records and Resources
Cheri Hudson Passey

Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

  Methodology Records - General Focus Areas
8:30 am Keynote Address: "Looking Back in the Future"
D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS
10:00 am FAN Club / Cluster Genealogy
Melinda Daffin Henningfield, CG
Census Records
Crista Cowan
Censuses and Census Substitutes for English and Welsh Research, 1690-1840
Amy Harris, PhD, AG
1:00 pm Finding Descendants in Your Family Tree
Diane Henriks
Civil Registration Records - The Anatomy of BMD
Gena Philibert-Ortega, MA, MAR
English and Welsh Poor Law Records before 1834
Amy Harris, PhD, AG
2:30 pm Discovering Your Immigrant's Origins: Exhausting Every Resource
Rich Venezia
Church Records
Rev. David McDonald, DMin
Irish Research
Paul Milner
4:00 pm Evidence Analysis and Correlation
Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA
Luana Darby
Scottish Research
Paul Milner
5:30 pm Brick Wall Research
Kelvin Meyers
Social History
Gena Philibert-Ortega
Italian Research: Civil Registration Online and in the Archives

Friday, 17 Sep 2021

  DNA Records - Legal Focus Areas Professional Topics
8:30 am Overview of DNA Types and Companies
Gretchen Jorgensen
Courting America: Using Court Records
Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
Eastern European Research
Joseph B. Everett, MLS, AG
Jana K. Greenalgh, AG
10:00 am Pedigree Triangulation: What is it and How Can it Solve Brick Walls?
Diana Elder, AG
Naturalization Know-How: The Laws and Records of U. S. Citizenship
Rich Venezia
Jewish Research
Emily Garber
Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA
1:00 pm DNA Testing Plans
Paul Woodbury, MEd
"To Dorothy my Dearly Beloved Wife”: Using Probate Records
Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
German Research
Fritz Juengling, PhD, AG
Genealogy Career Paths
Kelly Summers, AG
2:30 pm Third Party Tools
Michelle Leonard
Federal Land
Richard G. Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
German Paleography
Fritz Juengling, PhD, AG
A Genealogist's Guide to Social & Email Marketing
Anne Merrell
4:00 pm Unknown Parentage And DNA Testing
State Land States
Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG, CGL
Beginning Norwegian and Danish Research
Jeffrey M. Svare, AG
Writing and Publishing
Tristan L. Tolman, AG
5:30 pm DNA Ethics
Melinda Henningfield
Tax Records
Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG
Beginning Swedish and Finnish Research
Jeffrey M. Svare, AG
Public Speaking: Engaging with Audience At-Home and In-Person
Jana K. Greenalgh, AG

Saturday, 18 Sep 2021

  Technology Records - Military Focus Areas
8:30 am Online Research Techniques
Cheri Hudson Passey
Service Records
Michael L. Strauss, AG
Finding Your Ancestral Roots in Canada
Jacqueline Kanyuck, AG
10:00 am Spreadsheets for Genealogists: Five Ways They Can Help You in Your Research
Mary Kircher ROddy, CG
Military Pension Records
Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG, CGL
Native American Research
Rick Fogarty
1:00 pm Digital Organization
Lianne Kruger
Bounty Land
Richard G. Sayre, CG, CGl, FUGA
Researching African American Ancestors Who Came Out Of Slavery
LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, JD, LLM, CG, CGL
2:30 pm Evernote for Genealogists
Lianne Kruger
Draft and Selective Service
Michael L. Strauss, AG
Dispensado por el Obispo: Affinity, Conanguinity, and Other Marriage Complications
Debbie Gurtler, AG
5:00 pm Closing Event and 50th Anniversary Celebration