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The Utah Genealogical Association DNA seeks to provide genealogical information, sources and education through personal instruction and published media on family history topics while promoting high standards and ethical practices.

Exclusive UGA DNA Question & Answer with Jonny Perl of DNA Painter

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With our focus on chromosome mapping and phasing in January, UGA DNA is excited to offer an exclusive, interactive Q&A with Jonny Perl, creator of DNA Painter, the grand prize winner in the DNA Innovation contest at Rootstech 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

An expert genetic genealogy resource, Jonny has offered to answer common questions on using his groundbreaking resource, DNA Painter, and the other tools offered on his website. Our UGA DNA team will work with submissions by members to create a list of commonly-asked questions that Jonny will answer with suggested resources, examples or even short video clips. Questions can be submitted through 5 Feb 2019 via our UGA DNA Facebook Group or directly by email to

An Introduction to Chromosome Mapping and Phasing

Presented by Shannon Combs Bennett on 22 Jan 2019.

Maurice GleesonShannon Combs-Bennett, QG, PLCGS, is an award winning author, lecturer and researcher based out of Northern Virginia. She presents and writes on a variety of topics from methodology to DNA, including guidance on chromosome mapping and phasing. Many researchers love looking at chromosome maps. So many pretty colors! However, do you look at these maps and browsers and do not understand what any of it means? In this lecture, learn the basics of understanding a chromosome map and how to determine where matches are related. The webinar will be followed by a question and answer session with Shannon Combs Bennett. Registration for this webinar is free and open to the public at

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