Purpose and Vision Statement

The Utah Genealogical Association DNA seeks to provide genealogical information, sources and education through personal instruction and published media on family history topics while promoting high standards and ethical practices.


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Presentation Schedule


Month Presentation Presenter
September Why oh Why do Your Y-DNA? Tanner Tolman, AGĀ®
August Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy Process Jamie Anderson
July What Matches Should I Pursue? Peggy Jude, MBA
June An Introduction to Forensic Genealogy Seema-Jayne Kenney
May How atDNA and X-DNA Helped Identify the Biological Family of an Adoptee  Lana Leggett-Kealey, PhD, CG ®
April Shared Matches in Your DNA Results Penny Walters, PhD
March DISCONNECTED CONNECTIONS: A Case Study of Family Lore and an MPE Debbie Smyth


Month Presentation Presenter
December DNA and Indirect Evidence Identify the Biological Father of an Early 19th Century Woman Jennifer Roodzant
August Discovering Genetic Ancestors Jennifer Roodzant
May Finding an Unknown Father Using DNA Tanner Tolman
April Pedigree Triangulation: Building Your Matches Trees to Identify Most Recent Common Ancestors Jennifer Roodzant
March Y-DNA Basics Tanner Tolman
February Finding Living People to Target Test Tanner Tolman
January Clustering DNA Matches to Pinpoint Genetic Networks Jennifer Roodzant


Month Presentation Presenter
December DNA Q & A Tanner Tolman
November Reconstructing a Deceased Ancestor's DNA Using BorlandGenetics Tanner Tolman
September The Leeds Method Kelli Bergheimer
August Case Study's A Mystery First Cousin Kelli Bergheimer
July Using Statistical Analysis for your DNA Sarah Day
May Finding Unknown Parents with DNA Mary Jamba
April The Results Are In! Using DNA to Find Answers Mary Jamba
March DNA Clustering: Automating Shared Matching Alec Ferretti, MA, MLS
February X DNA Robert Cushing
January Visual Phasing Tanner Tolman


Month Presentation Presenter
November Incorporating DNA into Your Genealogy Business Bonnie Belza
October Making Sense of Your Jewish DNA Results Adina Newman, EdD
August The Client's DNA: Strategies and Tools for the Professional Zachery Hamilton
July MyHeritage DNA Test and Matching Daniel Horowitz
June How to Choose* a Y-DNA Test *or Choose Not to Do Vivs Laliberte
May Introduction to Y-DNA Vivs Laliberte
April DNA Clusters: Concepts and Uses Randy Whited
March Strategies to Analyze Endogamous DNA Alec Ferretti, MA, MLS
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Month Presentation Presenter
December -- --
November An African-Canadian Family History Mystery Mags Gaulden
October Triangulation: The Backbone of Autosomal DNA Testing Ginger Smith
September -- --
August What Do DNA Percentages Really Mean? Brian Sheffey
July GEDmatch: Tools to Interpret DNA Matches Mary Eberle, JD
June Researching Like A Pro With DNA Diana Elder, AG
May Parents for William: A Case Study using DNA and the Paper Trail Michelle Roos Goodrum
April Privacy, DNA, and Genealogy: Handling the Double-Edged Sword Thomas MacEntee
March The Leeds Method: Grouping DNA Matches to Identify Common Ancestors Dana Leeds
February DNA and Uncovered Secrets Richard Weiss
January An Introduction to Chromosome Mapping Shannon Combs-Bennett


Month Presentation Presenter
December -- --
November Using DNA For Irish Ancestry And Irish Adoptees Maurice Gleeson
October DNA Testing for Beginners Eric Wells
September Introduction to Genetic Networks Paul Woodbury
August Obtaining And Using mtDNA And Y-DNA Evidence Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD
July Discovering John Huber Christopher Eric Wells
June Understanding DNA Testing For Genealogy Jim Brewster
May What To Do With Your Test Results Kitty Cooper
April DNA Success in -- and Despite of -- Endogamy Lara Diamond
March Help! When You Need Somebody Stephanie Saylor
February Phasing of Autosomal DNA David Pike
January -- --


Month Presentation Presenter
December -- --
November DNA as a Battering Ram for that Brick Wall Barbara Rae-Venter, JD, PhD
October How to Solve a Genealogical Problem Angie Bollard
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