Presenting and Publishing in UGA DNA

We are always working on our lineup of presenters and material for our webinars. We welcome any suggestions on presentations and presenters from our volunteers, member, or anyone! To collect information on who people would like to hear from and on what topics we have several different methods for collecting information.

Call for Publications

Share your experience with genetic genealogy and how it has expanded your genealogical research by submitting an article on your experience, a ‘how to’ on how you solved you seeming genetic glitch, or a hint from your future self to help a younger you further their research. Do not be shy, we have people here willing to help you share what you have learned. We are willing to help you review, and edit your work!

To submit an article on genetic genealogy for publication on our Facebook page, UGA Blog, UGA Newsletter, or in the Crossroads UGA’s quarterly publication please email Stephanie Saylor so that we can edit and assist you in sharing your knowledge with the DNA Special Interest Group.

Call for Presentations

Using DNA tools, DNA testing, and DNA groups to solve a genealogical problem can be confusing. Come divulge the secrets of your success with the UGA DNA Special Interest group! To submit a proposal to give a webinar for the UGA DNA Special Interest Group, please email Stephanie Saylor with the information requested in our presentation proposal form. You will need to download the PDF to save your responses. Please review an example of a completed presentation proposal form.