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Wednesday, May 8
How atDNA and X-DNA Helped Identify the Biological Family of an Adoptee  (Webinars)
6:00 pm

Presented by Lana Leggett-Kealey, PhD, CG® on 8 May 2024.

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How atDNA and X-DNA helped Identify the Biological Family of an Adoptee. Clues from DNA matches on Ancestry, MyHeritage, and 23andme (before the closure of DNA tools) led to family trees for each parental line of an adoptee born in New York City in the 1940s.

Lana Leggett-Kealey, Ph.D., CG, has a doctorate in chemistry and worked in pharmaceutical development for many years. She began testing her relatives' DNA and the application to genealogy in 2011. She has been certified by the BCG since 2019 and works with clients from all over the world.

Wednesday, June 12
Shared Matches in Your DNA Results  (Webinars)
6:00 pm

Presented by Seema-Jayne Kenney on 12 Jun 2024.

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Shared matches are the key to building out your tree and meeting cousins near and far. Learn how to work with them to discover more about your family tree. This presentation uses examples from Ancestry DNA, but the concepts apply to all DNA testing platforms.

I started in the business of genealogy after completing the Genealogical Research Certificate Program at Boston University’s Center for Professional Education in 2010. Since then, I continued my education via ProGen & NIGR in 2012. Along the way, I joined several Genealogy Societies, attended local conferences, and enjoyed several webinars. I am a wife, mother of three boys, and entrepreneur.  I started exploring my family history when still in High School.  My paternal family roots go deep into Colonial New England, especially in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine.  My European roots include English, German, and Swedish.  DNA has recently added a branch to my family tree from The Netherlands.
My other hobbies include puzzles and needle arts projects.  I have a B.A in Spanish & Social Science and a B.S. in Management Information Systems/Business Administration (MIS/BA).